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Qatar 2022 in Spanish

Are you a football/soccer fan? Are you enjoying the World Cup Qatar 2022? In this lesson, we'll share with you some of the most important Qatar 2022-related Spanish vocabulary!


Is It Qatar in Spanish?

First things first: Do you know how to say the name of the host country of the 2022 World Cup in Spanish? If you think it's Qatar, think again! As in Spanish, the name of this country is spelled with the letter c, the correct spelling is Catar. Now, let's see how to say it:


estamos en pleno Mundial de Fútbol de Catar,

we're in the middle of the Qatar soccer World Cup,

Caption 3, Víctor en España El Mundial de Catar 2022 - Part 1

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However, it's important to mention that when talking about this year's tournament in any language, including Spanish, you will need to spell it with the official name of the tournament, which is Qatar 2022.


Another interesting thing to mention about the name of this country is that it's also a Spanish verb! Do you know what the verb catar means in Spanish? If you don't, let's find out by listening to the following clip:


Lo primero que hacemos cuando catamos un vino es mirar el color.

The first thing we do when we taste a wine is to look at the color.

Captions 37-38, Montserrat Cata de vinos - Part 2

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Now that we know that Qatar is Catar in Spanish, can you guess what adjectives you should use when talking about people or things from Catar? The answer is simple: catarí in singular and cataríes in plural (for both masculine and feminine nouns) .


Key Terms of the Competition

If you're familiar with the World Cup, you know that this tournament is played in different fases (stages). Let's learn how to say their names in Spanish:


la fase de grupos (the Group Stage)

los octavos de final (the Round of 16)

los cuartos de final (the Quarter-finals)

la semifinal (the Semi-finals)

el tercer puesto (the Third Place Playoff)

la final (the Final) 


During the group stage, each team plays three games. Afterwards, however, all matches are played in the so-called knockout stage (la fase de eliminación directa), which means that the losing team is immediately out of the competition. Let's learn some additional terms:


el campeón (the winner)

la copa (the cup)

el equipo (the team)

el mejor jugador (the best player)

el Mundial (the World Cup)

el partido (the match/game)

el primer tiempo (the first half)

el segundo tiempo (the second half)

el VAR, videoarbitraje (the VAR, video assistant referee)


If you wish to familiarize yourself with a lot of additional terms from this sport, we'd like to invite you to check out our lesson about football/soccer vocabulary words in Spanish.


That's all for now. Who do you think will be the winner of the World Cup 2022? Don't forget to write us with your predictions and questions!



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