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Una Vez: One More Time

When native English speakers hear "tres tiempos" for the first time, they might think it means "three times." But Spanish uses a different word to describe "time," as in, "an occurrence." That word is "vez."


It just so happens that Orishas' music video featured "vez" three times ("tres veces"). Let's listen:


Una vez más yo te demuestro que no es facilito

Once again I show you that it's not as easy

Como el puré que preparaba tu vecino Lino. "Yo"

Like the mashed potatoes that your neighbor Lino used to make. "Yo"

Captions 38-39, Orishas - ¿Qué Pasá?

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OK. OK. So our translation doesn't rhyme like the rap it's aiming to explain... But you get the idea. Here's one more, without rhyme:


Una vez más tu vecino aquí me va a escuchar

One more time your neighbor will listen to me here

Caption 42, Orishas - ¿Qué Pasá?

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And then:


Pido una vez más su comprensión y aceptación

I ask once more for your comprehension and acceptance

Caption 66, Orishas - ¿Qué Pasá?

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As you might have figured out by now, "once, twice, three times..." is most faithfully translated as una vez, dos veces, tres veces... and so on. So, maybe you should read this email three times to make sure you have the "times" -- i.e., vez and tiempo straight.



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