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Radicarse: To Relocate Yourself

Eso fue cuando hicimos Inconquistable Corazón que yo ya tenía que radicarme acá.

That was when we did Unconquerable Heart and I really had to settle here.

Captions 49-50, Biografía - Natalia Oreiro

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The verb radicar can mean "to be situated/located (in)," and so what Natalia is saying in the quote above is:
"This was when we did 'Inconquistable Corazón' that I had to settle here."


Bueno, yo llegué a... a radicar a Holbox del Estado de Morelos, pero ahora ya me siento Holboxeño.

Well, I came to... to settle down in Holbox from the State of Morelos, but now I feel Holboxian.

Captions 7-8, Yabla en Yucatán - Jorge

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Con la crisis económico, me tuve que radicar en España.
Given the economic crisis, I had to relocate to Spain.


Pero hace diez años sí, ya nos radicamos en Buenos Aires.

But ten years ago we did establish ourselves in Buenos Aires.

Caption 13, Karamelo Santo - Goy

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Radicarse en otro pais es dificil.
To establish yourself in another country is difficult.


La belleza del ámbar mexicano radica en su gama de tonos.

The beauty of Mexican amber lies in its range of tones.

Caption 6, Sergio en Monterrey - El ámbar mexicano

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El problema radica en la falta de presupuesto para este sector.
The problem lies in the lack of budget for this area.



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