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How to Write and Say the Months in Spanish

Do you know the names of the months in Spanish? Believe it or not, the names of the months in Spanish are quite similar to their English equivalents. Let's look at how to write and pronounce the months of the year in Spanish language.


How do you say "month" in Spanish?

The answer is mes. If you want to use the plural form, you need to use the term meses. Also, when talking about months in Spanish keep in mind the following:


One month: Un mes

Two months: Dos meses

Last month: El mes pasado

Next month: El próximo mes


List of months in Spanish and English

Before we hear how to pronounce the names of the 12 months in Spanish, let's take a look at the following list featuring the months in Spanish and English:


January: enero

February: febrero

March: marzo

April: abril

May: mayo

June: junio

July: julio

August: agosto

September: septiembre

October: octubre

November: noviembre

December: diciembre


12 sentences with the months in Spanish


Let's hear the following sentences so you can practice the pronunciation of the 12 months in Spanish.


January: Enero


Estos son los meses del año. Enero.

These are the months of the year. January.

Captions 1-2, El Aula Azul - Estaciones y Meses

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February: Febrero


Diecinueve de febrero.

February nineteenth.

-¡Oh! ¿Diecinueve de febrero?

-Oh! February nineteenth?

Captions 13-14, Extr@: Extra en español - Ep. 1 - La llegada de Sam

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March: Marzo


Las Fallas son unas fiestas que se celebran en Valencia durante el mes de marzo.

The Fallas is a festival celebrated in Valencia during the month of March.

Caption 25, Raquel - Fiestas de España

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April: Abril


Me gustaría reservar una cabaña para la primera semana de abril.

I would like to reserve a cabin for the first week of April.

Caption 4, Cleer y Lida - Reservando una habitación

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May: Mayo


En mayo, salen las flores.

In May, the flowers come out.

Caption 18, El Aula Azul - Estaciones y Meses

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June: Junio


En junio, empieza el verano.

In June, the summer starts.

Caption 19, El Aula Azul - Estaciones y Meses

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July: Julio


En julio. Vendría el mes de julio entero.

In July. He'd come for the whole month of July.

Caption 27, El Aula Azul - Conversación: Los cursos de español

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August: Agosto


En agosto, miles de voluntarios vienen a este sitio.

In August, thousands of volunteers come to this site.

Caption 53, Rosa - Laguna Fuente de Piedra

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September: Septiembre


Por ejemplo, durante el Festival de Cine

For example, during the Film Festival

que se celebra en San Sebastián en el mes de septiembre.

that is held in San Sebastian in the month of September.

Captions 13-14, San Sebastián - Palacio de Miramar

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October: Octubre


Desde octubre se comienza la venta de los monigotes.

From October the selling of the dolls begins.

Caption 55, Otavalo - Artesano de monigotes de Año Viejo

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November: Noviembre


Fue inaugurado el treinta de noviembre de mil novecientos noventa y cuatro.

It was opened on November thirtieth nineteen ninety-four.

Caption 5, Paseando con Karen Monterrey - Museo de Historia Mexicana

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December: Diciembre


Normalmente, suele nevar en diciembre.

Normally, it typically snows in December.

Caption 69, Clara y Cristina - Hablan de actividades

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Finally, did you notice anything in particular in the previous sentences regarding the spelling of the names of the months in Spanish? Unlike English, in Spanish the names of the months don't have to be capitalized.


That's it for today. Try to write a couple of sentences with the months in Spanish and read them aloud so you can practice their pronunciation. And don’t forget to send us your feedback and suggestions.

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