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Emergency Words

Let's learn some Spanish vocabulary related to emergency situations. We really hope you never find yourself needing to use these words, but it’s not a bad idea to keep them on hand.  


Some of the most well-known emergency words in Spanish are ayuda and auxilio:

¡Uy, auxilio! ¡Callen a ese gallo!

Oh, help! Shut up that rooster!

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The word socorro is less known:

¡Socorro! ¡Sáquenme!

Help! Get me out!

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Remember that being able to cry for help is just as important as remaining calm:

Cálmate, Yas. Para que te tranquilices, te voy a regalar un poquito del agua.

Calm down, Yas. So that you calm down, I am going to give you a little bit of the water.

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Lately, the world has seen many natural disasters, especially massive hurricanes and earthquakes. You have to know what to do if you hear the phrase alerta de followed by the word huracán or ciclón (hurricane), or terremoto or sismo (earthquake):

En plena tormenta cuando va a entrar un huracán...

In the middle of the storm when a hurricane is coming...

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El terremoto destruyó muchas casas.

The earthquake destroyed many houses.

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Maybe you'll need to go to an albergue or refugio (shelter):

Los tenemos en el albergue.

We have them at the shelter.

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Mieke y su hija viven en Amsterdam y acaban de llegar al refugio.

Mieke and her daughter live in Amsterdam and they have just arrived to the shelter.

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Certain phrases are very helpful in case of an emergency, for example, to call for medical help:

Alguien que llame a una ambulancia, por favor.

Someone should call an ambulance, please.

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Me duele (it hurts) is vital:

Gün, me duele la cabeza mucho.

Gün, my head hurts badly.

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As is the phrase he tenido un accidente (I've had an accident):

Para que no tengamos ningún accidente...

So that we don't have any accident...

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Can you think of other emergency words that you would like to learn?


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