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A Wealth of Weather Words

If you want to engage in small talk in Spanish, you should learn to chat about the weather el clima" or "el tiempo"). In our travel video from Mexico City (a.k.a. D.F., or Distrito Federal), some local friends share many helpful nuggets for prattling on about the temperature, rain, global warming -- three common topics of conversation pretty much anywhere in the world. For example, regarding the temperature:

yo diría, templado... un clima ni muy caliente ni muy frío
"I'd say mild... a climate neither very hot nor very cold"
[Captions 4-5, Amigos D.F.> El clima]

And just a few captions later, on what falls from the skies:

Un poco de lluvia, este... chispeadas... a veces, en ocasiones granizo...
"Some rain, um... drizzle... at times, occasionally hail"

Or, if you want to discuss the melting glaciers:

con el relajo éste del calentamiento global
"with this global warming mess"
[Captions 7- 8, Amigos D.F.> El clima]

Later in the video clip, we're let in on a little rhyme about the weather. In English you may know "April's showers bring May's flowers." Well, in Mexico, we hear:

De hecho hay un dicho que dice "enero loco, febrero otro poco"
In fact, there's a saying that goes "January's crazy; February, a bit too"

[Caption 22, Amigos D.F.> El clima]


Sniffing around for some more catchy phrases, we found this website of Refranes sobre los meses del año. (Incidentally, they cite the same phrase but pushed ahead by a month, febrero loco, marzo otro poco.)


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